It was such a strange feeling to watch the Lifetime movie yesterday. Although I think everyone who participated in it did a very good job, it was only a part of the story, and somewhat fictionalized to fit into the TV movie format. I encourage everyone to read the book that I wrote with Mark Ebner, also called “We Have Your Husband”, for the more accurate and complete story. You can scroll down on this same page to the link to Amazon.com.  Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes.


Optimum Health

I’ve heard from so many kind people who have posted comments after seeing my Cancer Treatment Centers of America commercials. I thank you for all of your good wishes, blessings and prayers. I do want to let you all know that I’m doing great.

Although I did the commercial a while back, and I did have stage 4 breast cancer, right now I’m thriving and living my life as I always have. I became a “raw foodist”, stick with a very strict diet and lifestyle, and that’s really been working for me. I feel in my heart and soul that I am on the path that will take me to optimum health, and I feel fantastic.

Yes, I have been through a lot, as have my family members, but life always has it’s hurdles, some bigger than others. I am grateful for every day of life, and I know I have a lot of life yet to live.

There are many people out there who have survived stage 4 cancers, and gone on to live long, full lives. I plan to be one of them.

I’m a big fan of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. If anyone would like to check out there website, it’s a fantastic place to learn about the raw foods lifestyle.

Hippocrates Health Institute


Lifetime Movie

A movie has been made based on the book that I wrote with Mark Ebner, “We Have Your Husband”. It will be shown on Lifetime TV this weekend, Saturday, November 12 at 8:00pm. Here is the trailer;


“We Have Your Husband” Preview – We Have Your Husband Full Episodes & Videos – myLifetime.com
Watch a preview for the Lifetime original movie, “We Have Your Husband,” starring Teri Polo and Esai Morales. Premieres Saturday, November 12 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Summer and Acapulco

Summer went way too fast, and was filled with travel, adventure and great times.  We had the opportunity to travel to Spain and stay in a friend’s home, which was an extraordinary experience for the kids.  It felt so much like our home in Mexico, the sun, the fiesta, the food, the warmth of the people, and more fiesta.  Being there was really great for us all, and very hard to leave when it came time to get on the plane.

In early September we decided to celebrate my birthday with some great friends in Acapulco.  Though we had very mixed feelings for obvious reasons, we got on the plane and hoped for the best.  One of the couples who accompanied us on the trip had hired bodyguards to be with us, and we would be staying in a guarded community outside of the city, so we would safe.  I really felt like this trip would be an opportunity for us to heal on some level.  It was facing our fears, our demons.  This was the first time we would step foot on Mexican soil for the purpose of enjoyment since we left in 2008.

Driving to our destination from the airport, it all seemed surreal.  I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.  While winding along the main highway that overlooks the ocean, a fleet of federal police trucks flew by in the opposite direction, with masked agents standing up in the back of it, with their machine guns ready.  A few moments later a helicopter went overhead in the same direction, with more armed, masked agents hanging from it.  I took another deep breath.  It took me three days before I could finally stop looking over my shoulder constantly, but then we both started to relax a bit, surrendering to the tropical paradise that Acapulco can be.

I have been to Acapulco about 8 times in my life, but I have to say that I had never seen it like this.  As I took it all in, I realized that that we were practically alone.  We went to two of the top restaurants, where you would typically have a hard time getting a reservation on a weekend, but they were completely empty.  We were the only table in both places.  We went out on our friend’s boat in the bay, and we were the only ones there too….in the whole Acapulco Bay.  No swimmers, no banana boats, no jet-skiers, no para-sailors, no yachts.  This buzzing city by the sea, is now much like a ghost-town.

On the front of the nightclubs and many restaurants we saw banners that said “Hablan Bien de ACA”, or “Speak Well of Acapulco”.  Many of these places have closed, some opening only during Christmas and New Years, and Easter Week and long weekends.  My heart was breaking for the people and business owners who make their living on tourism and are really suffering, but is the solution to say good things about a place that can’t yet offer safety to it’s tourists?

On several occasions in the 5 days we were there, our bodyguards would not take us to the places we wanted to go.  They said it was too dangerous to visit the lagoon, the traditional market in downtown, the nice shopping areas in downtown were even off limits.  We didn’t argue, but it was so sad that we couldn’t feel free to enjoy it like we used to.  The strong police presence was obvious, but just because there are federal policemen everywhere, doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe.

When we spoke to the locals, they all had their stories to tell.  One had witnessed a shootout in the market, another on the highway, another lost a member of her family as an innocent bystander in yet another shootout, others lost family members to kidnappings in which the paid ransom but didn’t get their loved-one back, 140 public schools had been closed because cartels were kidnapping and murdering their teachers in order to take revenge on the government.  The government can’t offer safety to it’s people, so the children stay home behind closed doors.  With this in mind, who is going to speak well of Acapulco?  Would you really tell a friend or family member to go there?

What is the solution?  In my opinion silence and ignorance of the reality is criminal in itself.  The Mexican people must demand collectively that the authorities do their job and hold them accountable openly when they don’t.   There must be accountability and consequences for the corrupt, and an overhaul of their judicial system, tougher punishment for criminals of violent crimes, murder, kidnappings.  Victims who speak out and demand justice are equally important.  The understandable excuse for not speaking out is for fear of the consequences in a country where the authorities and the criminals are many times one in the same.  So where do you begin?

So we drove back to the airport to depart once again, in spite of it all.  We had a fantastic time, just being there, taking in the view, the seductively warm salt water, the intense sun, the extraordinary food, and just being with great friends.  The house we were in was a destination in itself, so we enjoyed it thoroughly, and I would go back under the same circumstances.

All international flights in and out of Acapulco have been cancelled,  the facade on a whole section of the airport has fallen off, and has not been repaired.  Your move Mexico.

Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of  our move toward summer here in the U.S.  The kids get out of school soon, the weather is warming up, many make the trip to the beaches this weekend, or prepare the pool for the season, but it is also a time of remembrance and honoring those who we no longer have with us in this life.   Memorial Day will have special meaning for us this year, as Eduardo lost his mother yesterday.  Guillermina Garcia Valseca has made her transition out of this life, and she will be missed very much.  I don’t think I have ever met a woman capable of more kindness and unconditional love than her.  She lived to be 95 years old, and died in her sleep.  Though it was very difficult for Eduardo to not be by her side at that moment, we all feel blessed to have had her for so long.

May you rest in peace Yayita.  Te adoramos hoy y siempre.

Blessings to all of you who will be remembering loved ones this Memorial Day.

It was an intense week, with many interviews for TV and radio.  In my Google search for the links to these interviews, I came across some blogs where Eduardo and I were mentioned.  We’ve come under attack by some of the people of San Miguel who are concerned about their businesses due to the bad publicity in sharing our story.  The gossip has been flying, and they’ve found a way to creatively fabricate the “real story” behind our kidnapping.  Somehow we provoked this, according to these individuals, who all have a different version of what really happened.   This is very sad to me, because instead of rallying around us to demand justice, they are all stuck in their own gossip which is completely counter-productive and defaming for Eduardo and I.  As if it weren’t enough to go through what we went through, now we have to defend ourselves from character assassination.  They all ought to be ashamed of themselves.

If Eduardo and I had something to hide, why would we go public with our story?  Why would we call this kind of attention to it?  Could The Washington Post, The New York Times, Dateline NBC, CNN, FOX News, The Mexican Federal Police, The Mexican Attorney General, the FBI, and two professional private investigators all be wrong?  Could we have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, to cover up the “real story”?  Doubtful.

We’ve been accused of profiting on our story to the tune of $200,000. in payment from Dateline NBC.  For the record, NBC didn’t pay us a single cent for being on their show.  Serious news outlets don’t pay for their stories, that would be unethical.  We haven’t made a dime on our story.  Anyone with any doubts on that should contact Carol Gable at NBC.  I also haven’t made a penny on the book, as I yielded the advance to Mark Ebner.

I want to thank the people out there who have defended Eduardo and I on these shameless blogs, and in person in San Miguel when these very ignorant people start running their mouths.  I question the character and the motives of anyone who would go out of their way to slander the victim of such a brutal crime in order to protect their own individual interests.

The best way to protect San Miguel, and all of Mexico, and draw in more tourism, is to make it a safer place to go.  Personally attacking the few people who are speaking out and demanding justice, is only making things worse.

Out of all of those gossip mongers out there who claim to have the “real story”, not one of them called the authorities with any tips, nor did they call the NBC tip-line with any credible leads.  That’s because their only interest is defaming us for speaking out and effecting tourism negatively.  It’s amazing to me.  It doesn’t get any lower than that.

We are scheduled to appear on the Today Show, (NBC) on May 18, 2011.  We will likely appear on Fox and Friends on the morning of May 19.

By the way, I just got news that yet another Mexican family is being victimized by the same group of kidnappers that had Eduardo.  Just a few days ago this person was kidnapped, and is likely being held in a torture box right now, just like Eduardo’s.  Please join me in holding this victim, and his family in your prayers and thoughts.  With the Mexican government doing little, I can’t help but wonder how many families will suffer through this horrible experience before these criminals are finally brought to justice.